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One Region Atlanta is an initiative of The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta that, beginning in September 2013, will advance conversations and programs focused on creating an engaged community that is reflective of the increasing diversity within our region.  In the past 20 years, diversity in the Atlanta region has grown to encompass a rich mosaic of cultures, faiths and races. One Region Atlanta will focus on bridging interfaith and intercultural understanding with an emphasis on the Muslim community. One Region Atlanta believes that when people of all cultures and faiths come together to invest in the collective success of all, prejudicial attitudes fueled by misperceptions will dissipate while trust and goodwill grow.

The development and implementation of strategies for One Region Atlanta is coordinated by the Council of Advisors, a core team of key stakeholders from throughout the Atlanta region. The team is representative of the faith, civic, public and private sectors. Stakeholder representatives are dedicated to healthy community growth as well as building interfaith and cross-cultural relationships.